Medical/Emergency Forms

In order to comply with the New York State Education Law, the form(s) must be completed by a parent and/or physician, for both prescription and OTC medications to be administered by the Director of Debate while traveling to a debate related competition. All medications must be delivered by a parent to the school nurse, Mrs. Mireille Bajorin, five days prior to the departure date for the trip.
Please find a copy of the authorization forms below.  If any medication is required to be administered by an adult while on a school trip you MUST have your family physician complete and sign the Medical Authorization Form.
Medical Authorization Form

Emergency ID Card/Contact Form:

Each student on team must complete an Emergency Contact Form that will be kept on file with the Director of Debate, Brian Manuel.  These forms must be completed every season.  A student can not compete on the Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School Debate Team unless these files have been turned in prior to travel.
Emergency Contact Form